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Front-end Developer (m/f) - External Associate

Open until - December 6, 2023


Work arrangement:

If you are interested in a recurring collaboration with us, find out more about how to become an external associate of Degordian!

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The company and cooperation with external associates

Degordian is an always curious strategic-creative digital agency.

Degordian Digital productions team currently has over ten members and is constantly growing. UX/UI Designers, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, and Project Managers work together to make better solutions and push boundaries. We are working on a variety of projects for different clients and the job is always dynamic. 

This person is willing to jump in and assist on projects when needed, to share and gain knowledge during this process, and be a valuable external team member of Degordian.

Important: We don’t expect hands-on experience and expert knowledge on all requirements listed, but you will need to be the master of skills in at least one of the listed fields (the more the merrier).

Professional experience and qualifications needed (some of it):

  • 2+ years of hands-on experience in front-end development (any technology)
  • Proficiency in HTML5 syntax & CSS3 (preferably experience with preprocessors, such as SASS and/or LESS)
  • Proven work experience with responsive design
  • 2+ years of hands-on experience with JavaScript (we would be impressed with ES6) and jQuery, with at least 3 projects delivered incorporating these technologies
  • WordPress proficiency with at least 4 WordPress based projects delivered
  • Hands-on experience with Vue.js with at least 3 projects delivered with this technology
  • Hands-on experience with React with at least 3 projects delivered with this technology
  • Hands-on experience with Angular with at least 3 projects delivered with this technology
  • Experience with animation libraries such as gsap and/or anime.js
  • Experience with WebGL libraries such as pixi.js and three.js
  • Experience with JS gaming frameworks such as phaser.io or similar
  • Work experience in version control systems – Git
  • Experience with package managers, task runners and/or module bundlers (npm, gulp, webpack)
  • Advanced experience with development and debugging tools for cross-browser issues
  • Work proficiency in English language – spelling and grammar. Serbian/Croatian is a plus.

What are we working on:

  • Branding and presentational websites (mostly based on WP core)
  • Performance websites, so we need your optimization skills to the max here
  • Ecommerce solutions (WooCommerce, Shopify, with the ERP and online payment systems integrations, etc)
  • Games and experimental projects (just to be clear, we’re not Ubisoft or Epic Games, but sometimes we do smaller campaign activation projects for our clients), so your animation and interaction skills are highly desirable here 
  • Platform based projects (user logins, profiles, user based action, etc)
  • and much more…

What we offer:

  • Frequent gigs if both sides are satisfied with the results
  • Detailed info needed for participation in the project
  • Open and collaborative communication with our team
  • Recommendations to other companies when asked
  • Remote work location, but option to visit our office and meet our team
  • Agreed fee

Apply with:

  • CV
  • Motivational letter. Let us know which skills that we listed above are your area of expertise and feel free to add new skills that you master if we missed it!
  • GitHub link of your previous projects. We want to check your previous works.
  • Info about your hourly rate.


Applications should be submitted in Serbian, Croatian and/or English.

Come and join our network!

Front-end Developer : Open until - December 6, 2023 , Belgrade Office

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