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About the partnership

The Partnership program is a low-risk way for our Partners to make revenue by collaborating with our agency.

The Partnership works like this — the Partner provides a lead and we ensure high-quality output. Once a deal with a potential client is closed, our Partner gets a percentage of the deal.


Leads can come from various industries so Partners are able to work out deals in their preferred line of business. At the start of the collaboration, each partner passes the onboarding process in order to get acquainted with our approach, philosophy, services, and, of course, our team. We also discuss the mutual goals of our collaboration and sign a contract.


Our Partners get a dedicated Account Manager who syncs all parties, processes the leads and manages goals. We hope this provides you with enough basic information about our Partnership program. Feel free to get in touch so we can talk more in detail.


We are an agency that provides services in three big marketing categories



Strategic on-brand communication that comes in many creative forms.

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Performance Marketing

A data-driven approach focused on conversion and sales.

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Digital production

Beautiful, functional and intuitive websites and apps users will want to return to.

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Employer branding

A step-by-step process of finding out who you are as an employer and building your image to reach those who fit your company best.

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Clients from all over Europe, USA, Australia, Asia

Collaboration and responsibilities

    • Your responsibilities

    • Lead generation

    • Support in closing deals

    • Achieving goals

    • Involvement in client management (only if deemed necessary)

    • Daily communication

    • Using project/communication tools

    • What to expect from the collaboration

    • Onboarding

      Intro about the team, services, our philosophy and approach

    • Agile Team

      Adaptable team always ready for new projects and providing new ideas

    • Professionalism

      Respecting deadlines is a top priority

    • Top Quality

      Award-winning cases, 10+ years of high quality production of various projects

    • Meeting deadlines

      Especially with top-priority projects

    • Regular syncs

      Frequency depending on the project

    • Dedicated AM

      The Partner will have a dedicated Account Manager for each project

    • Part of the team

      We treat Partners as part of the team (included in communication tools, slack, g-chat, etc.)

    • Goal Evaluation

      We define and evaluate our goals together


Cooperation with absolutely no risk

If we don’t close a deal with a provided lead, there's no risk for the partner — we can always try again with another lead. ;)

Revenue share model

First year: 15% commision of closed deals. Second year: 7.5% commission of closed deals

Minimum effort in client management

The Partner only provides leads and Degordian handles the rest.


Following a growth in revenue, we are open to talk about extra benefits for the Partner. Cooperation growth can always lead to new cooperation opportunities.

Dedicated contact person

Partner will have a dedicated Account Manager for regular communication, monthly syncs, and communication with the provided leads.

Adaptable strategy

The Partner can focus on a specific market or services (design, UX, production, performance, etc) if they prefer.


We are working with top clients from various industries — from huge international enterprises to fast-growing successful startups. Some of them are:

Lufthansa International

Red Bull Europe

Vera Wang

Manhattan School of Music

Nordeus (Top Eleven), one of the biggest gaming studios worldwide

Infobip, international innovator in the IT and telecommunications field

Rimac, global electronic supercar manufacturer

Our process

Continuity is key — steady, year-long attention to brands and clients enables us to continually reevaluate what could be done to produce better results.


01 Business goals
02 Research
03 Strategy
04 Implementation
05 Analytics
06 Optimization