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Website development


Client - Nordeus

Nordeus is an independent game developer based in Belgrade, Serbia. Their games have been played by more than 160 million people from all across the globe. The purpose of their new website was to present new corporate identity and attract prospective job candidates.

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Website maintenance

Completely modular

The website is a custom WordPress site developed to be entirely modular. Our developers used PHP v7.3 and Advanced Custom Fields plugin with the goal of customizing the CMS so that the client can create new pages and rearrange design elements to their liking.

The site has a lot of images and videos, so we implemented the lazy-load principle, which helped us speed up the loading time. Code splitting and three shaking allowed us to have a minimum of scripts loading on each page, which also speeds up the site browsing experience.